How to Save €200 and get Free Entry to 29 Museums in Barcelona (Volume 3)

How to Save €200 and get Free Entry to 29 Museums in Barcelona - cover

The “All Barcelona Museums Pass” is only a good wish.

But you will learn how to approach it…

  1. Do you have a limited budget and think Barcelona is not an option for you?
  2. Are you not considering visiting Barcelona because you are scared of the prices of the museums?
  3. Have you ever wondered if there is a way to get the most out of your visit to Barcelona while spending less?
  4. Are you tired of getting wrong tourist information that leads to unnecessary spending?
  5. Are you tired of wasting your time in long queues to visit important museums?
As tourist advisors, we know your answer to most of these questions will probably be “yes.”


  • What if we show you that Barcelona can be a destination option for you without breaking the bank?
  • What if there were a way to plan your visit to Barcelona within your budget?
  • What if there were a way you could visit those fantastic Barcelona museums with an incredible discount or even for free?

Don’t you like getting the right tourist advice that will help you save a lot of money? Don’t you want to have the right information for avoiding long queues while saving money in the process? Don’t you like knowing how to visit important Barcelona museums for free? We can help you with our unique guide with all the information, tips and secrets, and the ways of saving money and time.

There is no ideal pass or “Barcelona Magic Pass” that covers everything, but in our eBook you will learn how to get a good approximation of it.

How to Save €200 and get Free Entry to 29 Museums in Barcelona - cover 2HOW TO SAVE €200 AND GET FREE ENTRY TO 29 MUSEUMS IN BARCELONA

In this eBook we reveal the secrets and tips about how to visit 29 museums in Barcelona for free and how to get free public transportation. You will learn how to save more than €200!

After you read the information in this book, you will be armed with the necessary knowledge to make a conscious plan for visiting the most important museums in Barcelona without having to break the bank. We will let you know about some alternatives that allow you to make the most out of your visit while keeping your spending to a minimum.

Here are some valuable points that you will find in this eBook
  • How to get the best deals for these Barcelona museums
  • Best alternatives to visit the museums
  • How you can get free transportation and deals at the same time
  • How you can visit some Barcelona museums for free
  • When you can visit some Barcelona museums for free
  • How you can see the most by spending less
  • All the discount options available for every museum
  • What museums fit better within your budget
  • Detailed information about the museums to help you decide to plan a visit
  • Detailed schedule for the visit
  • Best transportation options to get to the museums
  • Who is entitled to special prices
  • Special entry fees for students
  • Where children have free entry and at what age
  • Deals for children
  • Deals for seniors and retired people
  • When is the day of the open door
  • High-resolution off-line map with pan-zoom capabilities (*)
  • Quick-zoom and easy find any attraction’s location (*)
  • No internet connection needed to use the guide, no roaming costs (**)

Our eBook works on virtually any device

We deliver the file in ePub3 format, which provides a rich user experience. Our eBook is enhanced with illustrations, maps with a certain degree of interactivity and eventually with videos. Any device with an ePub3 reader can open the file.
No matter if it is a smartphone, tablet, MAC or PC. There are several free stand-alone programs for almost every operating system, and even add-ons for web browsers, from which you can get the best experience (1).

How to Save €200 and get Free Entry to 29 Museums in Barcelona - cover 3Special offer for a limited time:

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Free Bonus #1: contains all the details, tips and secrets to 5 free visits and activities that you can do with the Barcelona Card, including leisure and fun activities for the family.

Free Bonus #2: contains all the details, tips and secrets to the top 10 free museums in Barcelona. Regularly, they charge an entry fee, but you will learn how to get a free entrance and when.
You easily get a value of over €70 FOR FREE!

30-Day Money Back Guarantee

How to Save €200 and get Free Entry to 29 Museums in Barcelona - 30-Day-Money-Back-Guarantee-badgeYou have 30-day money back guarantee for a paid eBook download.

If you are not satisfied with the eBook for any reason, then within 30 calendar days of the purchase you must send us an email to obtain a full refund.




(*) epub3 reader
(**) Internet access might only be required in case you want to buy some recommended products.
(1) See a list of ePub3 readers


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