Barcelona Christmas Traditions

Barcelona Christmas traditions
Barcelona Chrismas lights
Christmas lights in Barcelona

Barcelona Christmas traditions are quite interesting. Since we are now in the Christmas season, we would like to share with you some of Barcelona´s most intriguing and charming Christmas traditions. Christmas in Catalonia is truly something special, making this season a nice alternative for visitors wishing to avoid the crowded and more expensive summer months. Despite the lower temperatures, there are many ways for you to enjoy yourself in Barcelona in the winter! Here are a few things that you might stumble across if you´re passing Christmas in Barcelona.


Caganers being sold at the St. Llúcia Christmas Fair

These iconic figures are an all-time favourite of both children and adults. It is a token of abundance and good fortune, as the Caganer´s poop fertilizes the soil and ensures a good harvest. Initially depicted as a man wearing the traditional Catalan costume, now you can find Caganers in every shape and size, including celebrities and famous fictional characters such as our editor´s favourite: Darth Vader Caganer! Check out our Caganer photo album for more pictures.


A traditional Tió

The Tió
This is another one of Catalonia´s scatological traditions. This funny log with a face, the Tió, is fed by the children of a household until Christmas day, when he is hit with a stick to calls of “Caga tió!” (“Poop, log!”) so that he “poops” sweets and gifts from his underside. You can find them in all sizes, from tiny to huge, in Christmas fairs such as the Fira de St. Llúcia, and they make very amusing gifts for friends and family. Here are some pictures of Tiós.


St. Llúcia Christmas Fair
The St. Llúcia Christmas Fair in Barcelona

Christmas fairs
Christmas fairs are a European staple and Barcelona couldn´t do without them. The most famous (and oldest) in Barcelona is the Fira de St. Llúcia, which dates back to the 18th century. There you can buy Christmas decorations, assemble your own nativity scene and get a Caganer or a Tió, which is another Catalan Christmas figure and is very popular with kids. This year the Fira de St. Llúcia runs from November 25 to December 23 in the square in front of the Barcelona Gothic Cathedral. Take a look at our Fira de St. Llúcia pictures!

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