Beach Holidays in Barcelona

Beach holiday in Barcelona

Barcelona is one of the world’s top beach destinations because of its great variety. Barcelona has beaches, but it doesn’t just have beaches. Barcelona has something to appeal to all the beach lovers in your family, and plenty of things to do away from the beach as well. Beach holidays in Barcelona will please everyone on every day of the vacation.

Beach holiday in Barcelona
There are 9 long and wide sandy beaches in Barcelona

Location is the key

Barcelona is located on the water, but surprisingly, the beach aspect of the Barcelona vacation is one that is new on the menu. The city didn’t make the most of their prime waterfront location until the 1992 Olympics. Before that, they worked on their history, their wonderful Spanish architecture, and their great arts and culture scene, making the city an incredible destination.

Another reason that it’s great is the climate. The summers are long and the winters are mild—and that makes it great for everything associated with ‘beach’.

Nine beaches

If you are coming for the beach, Barcelona won’t disappoint. Barcelona is proud of its nine beaches and, with that number, they have enough for variety. The nine beaches are linked along the coastline where the city meets the sea with four beaches on one side of Olympic Port and five on the other. The beaches are fresh and clean, and they are kept that way. The nine beaches extend for 4.8 km along the water. There is room for everyone, and a beach for everyone, too.

A breakdown

For those looking for calm, quiet and peaceful day on the beach, there is Nova Mar Bella and Llevant beach. They have all the same sun, sand and restaurants as the other beaches, but with none of the crowds and activity. Bogatell and Somorrostro are more lively and crowded since they have more going on. There are water sports available there, but the big place for water sports is Nova Icaria. Come here for skiing, windsurfing, sailing and beach volley. Another good place for sports is the longest beach, San Sebastian, which has the best surfing in Barcelona.

Old, important beaches are Barceloneta and Sant Miquel. These beaches will give you the feel of old Barcelona and, since they are close to the older downtown areas, are used by the residents. Finally, for the very adventurous, Mar Bella Beach is the city’s nudist beach. All the beaches have full amenities during the summer.

Off the beach

If you can’t stay in the water forever, Barcelona’s beaches are close to a city that boasts plenty to do. You can explore Roman remains and other ancient landmarks. Pablo Picasso called Barcelona home, and Barcelona has museums dedicated to him. Las Ramblas is the lively part of the town, with shops, markets, theatres and an opera house. You can also visit the Columbus Monument, an enormous monument to Christopher Columbus that stands 200 feet tall. Architect Antoni Gaudi created some of the city’s beautiful buildings and an outdoor park. But if not everybody loves beaches, architecture, art and shopping, Barcelona is also famous for its great football.

The beaches of Barcelona are just the start of a great vacation. Let Barcelona-Budget help you plan it.

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