The Gaudí Tour

The Gaudi Tour

The Gaudi Tour
In the Gaudi Tour eBook guide we show you how to effectively take the Gaudí Tour in Barcelona on your own. Our Self-Guided Gaudí Tour eBook will guide you to all important Gaudí sightseeing places and also to some lesser-known works that we believe also deserve a visit. Part of the Gaudí Tour is done on foot and part by public transport.

We reveal all the secrets and tips about how to get free transportation in Barcelona while you can also save a lot of money when visiting Gaudí attractions!

After you read the information in this book, you will know how to minimize your spending and also how to optimize your time with our suggested Gaudí tour. In short, how to tour and visit Gaudí attractions in Barcelona without having to break the bank.

We will let you know about some alternatives that allow you to make the most out of your visit, while keeping your spending to a minimum.

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Also included in the offer: 2 Free Bonuses!

Free Bonus #1: contains all the details, tips and secrets to visit other lesser-known Gaudí works, as well as some Barcelona attractions for the family.
Free Bonus #2: contains all the details, tips and secrets to the top 10 free museums in Barcelona. Usually they charge an entry fee, but you will learn how to get a free entrance and when.

You easily get a value of over €50 FOR FREE!


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