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Questions and Answers about Accommodation in Barcelona

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Questions and Answers about Accommodation in Barcelona

Have you ever stayed in a hostel, house rental or budget hotel and have concerns?

Accommodations in Barcelona just like in any metropolis offer a wealth of options. Take time to learn about the various opportunities before making the plunge into anything. Learn what the best parts of town are or maybe places you should avoid, even if the price is low.

International Chain Hotels

With most major hotel chains available in Barcelona, international travelers will have no problem finding an international hotel chain they are used to. These hotels include Hilton, Best Western, Holiday Inn, Novotel, Mandarin Oriental, Crowne Plaza, Sheraton, Le Meridien, Travelodge, and the Ritz-Carlton.

These hotel chains run the gamut from quality family hotels like Holiday Inn to the ultra classy Ritz-Carlton. Generally with international chains you can choose a price range, style and location that can suit your needs and the best part is that you will be used to a level of service that is maintained across the chain. In this way you will not be surprised by local differences in room sizes, amenities or charges as these hotels try to cater to tourists.

Local Hotels

However if you are looking for a more cultural experience with a local flair, some of the hotels that are native to Spain and Barcelona may be able to provide a more authentic experience. There are many, many choices in this category and cater to different interests as well, depending on the luxury of the hotel and its location.

From Ohla Hotel with its modern architecture and rooftop pool to Casa Camper with an interesting take on urban camping with hammocks and split private lounges that are separate from the bedrooms. Other notables include Chic & Basic, Barcelo Raval, Boria, ABaC, Casa Fuster and many more. Finding a local treasure in the hotel industry in Barcelona is easy, pick a location in town like La Ramblas, Barri Gotic or Barceloneta and simply choose a hotel that fits your needs that is not a chain.

Other Options

Other options for vacationers include house swapping, house or apartment rentals, timeshares and even hostels. However each of these accommodations has their own drawbacks or things to be wary of.

This type of vacationing has become increasingly popular as a way for thrifty vacationers to save a ton of money on accommodations. Simply find another family to swap houses with at the same time in a location you want to go. Be very sure about the rules and contracts up front and worst-case scenarios.

This option is a little more popular because it is typically more inexpensive than chain hotels and offers a great way to immerse yourself and your family into the local culture all with the convenience of a real home.

Hostels have never been for the faint of heart. Be wary of great pictures when it may in fact be run down. Check the most recent reviews for up to date information and be aware that it is simply a “place to lie your head” in most cases.

With accommodations across all neighborhoods in Barcelona you can usually find the perfect place that will fit your needs. From a beach front Hotel for a family to a quaint villa rental in the foothills of the Montserrat Mountains just out of Barcelona, you can find any of these options easily.

Take the mystery out of where you are staying by getting the answers you need.

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