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Questions and Answers about Attractions in Barcelona

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Questions and Answers about Attractions in Barcelona

If you need information on the best Barcelona attractions; here is the place.

In this area you will find information on the best sorts of attractions for all different types of queries. Are you looking for the best cultural sites? Maybe you want to know what the most visited religious place in Barcelona is. It happens to be the Sagrada Familia, also one of the largest and long standing Basilica construction projects in Europe.


Are you looking for the absolute must see attractions in Barcelona? Here we list the top 5 of all time, but stay tuned below for another ’5 Hidden Jewels’.

Sagrada Familia, as simply a wonder of architecture that has spanned 130 years, is still being built and is a marvel to behold. Being under the project supervision of the famed architect Antoni Gaudi, is a national treasure. Its interior was finished in 2010 and its intended completion is 2026.

Camp Nou, is simply a spectacle to behold of pure football and an amazing sea of people like you will never again experience. As the world’s 3rd largest stadium and the world’s number one fans of football, the Barcelona FC is a remarkable institution in the world of sports.

Picasso Museum, as one of the most influential painter of the modern era, this is the top museum in the Barcelona area. It is dedicated to his early formative years when his family lived in Barcelona and he started his painting passion before moving to Paris.

La Rambla is often described as the heart of the city, because it is where visitors and locals alike are found strolling down the café, bars and shop strewn streets. You have not lived until experience the heartbeat of this metropolis.

Barrio Gotico as the name implies is the gothic and medieval centre of old Barcelona with parts of the old Roman walls visible and amazing ancient architecture to take your breath away.


There are some real hidden gems in Barcelona that would stand out in most other cities, but because of the wealth of attractions in Barcelona, sometimes gets overshadowed.

Font Magica is a light, water and musical breath of fresh air fountain that was built in 1929 for the Barcelona World fair, but to this day still attracts 2.5 million visitors as it displays a magical show.

Barceloneta Beach has been voted as one of the best Mediterranean beaches and is a favored spot for tourists, locals and families for a magical day in the sun.

L’Aquarium de Barcelona is another world-class facility that shows the breadth and depth of Barcelona culture, and is simply an amazing place to take the whole family to enjoy.

Poble Espanyol (Spanish Village) on the Montjuic Hill is a great way to experience the wide architectural styles in Spain as it was a village developed for the 1929 World Fair in Barcelona for that reason.

Montserrat Monastery is quite often overshadowed by Sagrada Familia but is no less breathtaking especially by its surrounding vistas of the region, as it is perched up in the Montserrat Mountains and is home to the Black Madonna.

These attractions only represent 10 attractions out of literally thousands of different things you can do in Barcelona. With such a large cosmopolitan population you can find an activity, attraction or event to suit your tastes no matter what they are from culture and art to sports and extreme action to relaxing beaches and horseback riding to shopping and late night parties. Enjoy Barcelona!

Whatever you are looking for in attractions, the answers are here.

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