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Questions and Answers about Shopping in Barcelona

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Questions and Answers about Shopping in Barcelona

Whether you are looking for the best vintage shops, shopping malls, or top-end high fashion, you need to know where they are located.

In Barcelona, the shopping is world-class, not only because of its amazing variety of options but because of the great clothing houses located in Spain with presences in Barcelona. The tax-free options are out of this world and make it a reason to visit alone.

The Choices!

There’s a reason that Barcelona is a shopping mecca and it is simply because of the amazing choices available. From Vintage to discount to chain store fashion to high class fashion and even gypsy or hippie are available, so grab some cash and credit card and enjoy one of the best shopping experiences on the planet.

Definitely the second most visited area of Barcelona simply because it is a shopping heaven. With designer brands behind every window the boulevard provides an amazing and unique shopping experience. Think of it as Rodeo Drive or the Champs-Elysee in Paris. The level of luxury outstrips the pockets of many, but the experience will never be forgotten.

An area to be careful in at night as a gritty neighborhood, by day it is a virtual paradise for indie, gypsy and hippie shopping. Crowded with vintage clothing shops, quirky antiques, great accessories and stylish second hand stores, you will be looking great and still maintain some Euros in your purse. It is also known for its great musical shops offering a wide array of music for an eclectic flavor.

Think of it as a massive Macy’s, Bloomingdales or Nordstroms with brands, styles and goods in every major category. As a shopping mall, this place allows for an all day shopping affair without ever having to leave the building. Quality shopping at reasonable rates with a great top floor café featuring amazing views of the city will keep you busy all day long.

Beware the pickpockets on Ramblas but it may be worth exploring the alleys of Old Town for truly unique and interesting finds. If you are in to exploring off the beaten path this place will definitely appeal to your explorer senses by finding the infinite number of small shops that cater to every taste. In Ramblas beware of the market stalls that clearly cater to tourists and souvenirs as they are generally overpriced trinkets. Yet being on this boulevard with an amazing array of shops and dining choices allows all your senses to be pleased.

If you are looking for an up and coming neighbourhood shopping experience that includes fashionable neighbourhoods, stylish chic entertainment and restaurant venues and is tourist friendly, then the El Born area may be a great choice for you. Narrow streets filled with small boutiques from large and small designer labels, great tapas bars and authentic restaurants will assault your senses for a great day on the town shopping. Get off the Metro at the Jaume I metro stop, right behind the famed Basilica of Santa Maria del Mar is Passeig del Born.

Be sure to take cash and credit, but to keep your cash in an inside pocked and not in your purse or wallet. Also most shops in Barcelona do not open until 9 or 10 am and many close for the afternoon nap time of 2 or 3 to 4 or 5 pm, but open much later in the evening than most shops elsewhere.

Take a guided tour, saving you more time to shop until you drop.

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