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General Questions and Answers about Tourism in Barcelona

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General Questions and Answers about Tourism in Barcelona

When you need an answer to that nagging question about travelling or visiting Barcelona, this is a great place to start.

Whether you want an answer about Salvador Dali, the famous Las Ramblas for an amazing party night, where you could take Spanish lessons, or Spanish cooking lessons or a great tour of the city, the hills or sea.

Where is Barcelona?
Barcelona is the capital of Catalunya, an autonomous region of Spain. It is located in the northeastern section of Spain on the Mediterranean coast and includes 5 kilometers of beaches and a large amount of park space in the city. Barcelona has 1.6 million inhabitants with two official languages of Spanish and Catalan. Most street signs are in Catalan and the people interchangeably speak both languages, with English only spoken in the tourist serving areas.

What are the telephone codes for Barcelona?
The country code for Spain is +34 with a city dialing code of 93 for Barcelona and all land line numbers consist of 9 digits, including the initial 93. Most visitors or tourists now use Skype or other internet calling services.

What is the best way to get to Barcelona?
This depends on your preference of travel but can include Air flights, sea travel, rail and train travel and even by automobile. The rail, air, sea and land travel infrastructure is considered some of the best in the world.

Is public transit reliable in Barcelona?
With a very well run and integrated system of Buses, Trams, Taxis, Metros (subways) and even city bikes, public transit is never very far from you in Barcelona. Metro transit times run from 5am to midnight during the week, 5am to 2am on Friday and non-stop from 5am Saturday to midnight on Sunday.

When are popular eating times in Barcelona?
The eating times of most Catalans differ from Europe and the Americas, with breakfast from 9am to 11am, lunch from 2pm to 4pm and dinner starting from 8pm until midnight. If you are not used to these times, food is available from a number of restaurants all day long.

Are there restrictions on smoking in Barcelona?
Yes, most public enclosed spaces including many outdoor cafes and parks prohibit smoking at any time. All restaurants, bars, clubs and indoor public spaces you should assume are non-smoking areas unless designated otherwise.

What is the currency in Spain?
Barcelona and Spain use the Euro like most of Europe. Try to keep bank notes to 50 Euros or smaller as even 50 euro bank notes can be difficult to change sometimes.

What is the tax in Barcelona?
As in all of Spain the IVA or value-added tax is usually included in your bills. For hotels and restaurants it is 10%, 21% on all retail and shopping items in general. You are eligible for tax rebates if you come from certain countries.

How do you shop tax-free?
Only those that reside outside the European Union are eligible, but you must pay the tax first and claim them at the last airport before leaving the EU, after customs declaration. Allow enough time, have your claim form filled out and ensure the items are unused. There are also several locations in downtown Barcelona that you can complete your claims in order to receive your money in advance of leaving.

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