Transportation Tips for Barcelona

Questions and Answers about Transportation in Barcelona

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Questions and Answers about Transportation in Barcelona

You are in a foreign city, maybe even a different country or continent, and are you ready to drive yourself?

If you do not speak Spanish or Catalan, it may be an unwise choice and you should stick to taxis, hired cars or public transit to be on the safe side. Yet are you looking for the best way to get from the airport to your hotel on a budget?

Modes of Arrival
There are four different ways of arriving in Barcelona, so depending on your preferences; it is easy to visit such a great city.

International flights arrive into Barcelona International Airport (BCN) daily from all over the world; with two terminals and over 30 million visitors annually it is one of the busiest in Europe. Ensure your terminal before leaving as transfer between terminals take up to 20 minutes. Two other airports, Girona and Reus are both within range of Barcelona and rarely can mean significant savings. Girona is approximately 1 hour and 15 minutes, while Reus airport is 1 hour and 30 minutes.

Most trains in Europe are interconnected for easy and comfortable travel. With high speed options linking most major rail hubs including some form of high speed rail between two major points. An example is the link from Madrid to Barcelona which is a high speed train that travels up to 300 km/h is an excellent service option. Yet the rail system allows you to arrive in Barcelona either from the east or west, depending on your origin.

Whether you own a private yacht or sailing vessel or are departing a Cruise ship, which is often the case, the Port of Barcelona is the busiest Sea Port on the Mediterranean and you will find it very conveniently located within the city limits of Barcelona.

From the cruise terminal there are plenty of options to get into the heart of Barcelona with ease. The easiest for those that do not mind a little exercise is a simple 30 minute walk from the World Trade Cruise Terminals, but do not try this from the Adossat Quay Cruise Terminals. There is also a Port Bus for 2.00 euros one way or 3.00 euros roundtrip from Adossat Quay and the Columbus Monument (rates for 2014). Of course Barcelona taxis also know the cruise ship schedule and can be found waiting at the terminal to wish you away with ease.

If you plan on driving into Barcelona, ensure you have a great map or better yet a GPS to guide you on your best routes. Most often the quickest routes include traveling on one of two types of highways, Autopista or Autovia, which with their own restrictions on vehicles, but both are generally 4 lane divided highways and ensure a speedy route. With the 5th largest highway system in the world, Spain provides an excellent way to visit the countryside and the major cities like Barcelona.

Travel within Barcelona

When on vacation most visitors want to relax and not have to worry about driving. For this reason it would be best for visitors that are unfamiliar with the roads, languages or local driving differences to stick to other modes of travel during your stay.

There are great tours offered that can provide a local driver used to the local driving patterns or as the locals do you could take a taxi, hire a driver, segway or moped, or relax by enjoying the fantastic public transit system in Barcelona with modern Buses and Metros. Whichever you choose, travel to and within Barcelona is a breeze.

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