A Quick Guide to Barcelona Spain

Barcelona Aquarium

You might not need a travel guide to help you plan your trip to Barcelona—and you probably don’t need one to convince you to go (come on, it’s Spain!)—but when you are planning a trip it can be tricky to factor in all of the different components. There are the travel accommodations to consider, hotels, restaurants, and, of course, all of those famous Barcelona attractions to see!

And there is so much to see! From the Roman Columns to the Gothic Quarter, and from La Sagrada Família to the Magic Fountain of Monjuïc, you have a lot to pack into your trip. So much, in fact, that, no matter how long your holiday is, it probably doesn’t seem nearly long enough to accommodate everything you want to do and see. This is where a travel guide can help you. At Barcelona Budget, we can provide you with a quick travel guide to Barcelona so you can be sure you don’t miss anything you want to see on your trip.

Barcelona Aquarium
Barcelona Aquarium, one of the world’s most important aquatic institutions

Why choose Barcelona?

You probably don’t need an excuse to choose Barcelona over many of the alternative tourist destinations, but in case you do, Barcelona’s climate makes it an excellent holiday choice during any time of year. Its warm summers and mild winters ensure there are always things to do, making it easier to plan your trip during the off-season to catch those better rates.

What is there to see and do in Barcelona?

Barcelona has dozens of attractions to spark the varied interests of any traveller:


For shopping enthusiasts (or shop-a-holics), La Rambla is definitely a favorite amongst Barcelona’s attractions. It is a tree-lined mall that contains activities, restaurants, kiosks, shops, entertainment and cafés that span a kilometer (0.6 miles)—and its promenade is open day and night.


For any history buffs planning a trip to Barcelona, there are a number of museums and art galleries such as the Maritime Museum, located on the Royal Dockyards, is a popular destination, as is the Christopher Columbus monument.


For any pet-lovers out there, the Barcelona Aquarium is considered to be one of the world’s most important aquatic institutions. It was established in 1995 and houses more than 11,000 fish from 450 different species. The aquarium features an 80 metre long tunnel, and you may even be able to swim with the sharks!


Many of Antoni Gaudí’s architectural works have now been made into World Heritage Sites, including La Sagrada Família, which is one of the top attractions in Barcelona. While the gorgeous and intriguing Catholic basilica deserves a trip on its own to be fully appreciated, there are many other architectural gems in Barcelona, including La Pedrera, Park Güell and Casa Batllo.


Barcelona even has a few interesting attractions for the sports enthusiasts out there—besides those 9 gorgeous beaches. You can check out Camp Nou Stadium, where the Barcelona soccer team plays, as well as the FC Barcelona Museum, which documents more than 100 years of Barcelona football history.

There is a lot to do when you get to Barcelona, but we can help. At Barcelona Budget, we can help create a quick guide of Barcelona, Spain for you so you can create a trip that will suit all of your interests—and at an affordable price, too.

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