A Quick Guide to Planning Your Family Holiday in Barcelona

CosmoCaixa science museum

Planning a family vacation can be a very exciting experience, especially when the whole family gets to explore a fascinating new city like Barcelona, Spain. In a city as big as Barcelona, with as much culture and as many things to do or see, you will want a quick tourist guide for finding a family friendly hotel, places the whole family will enjoy seeing, and easy transportation access.

CosmoCaixa science museum
The CosmoCaixa science museum offers many curiosities and surprises to the family

Family Vacation

An old, history-rich city in Spain, Barcelona has some great tourist attractions for families. From its architectural beauties to its intriguing culture, there are endless opportunities for a good vacation. As a family destination, there are places such as the Park Güell or La Rambla that offer an outdoor experience with plenty of space for children to romp. Barcelona also has a zoo that the whole family can enjoy. Other attractions for the family are the Barcelona Aquarium, Wax museum, Labyrinth Park, Chocolate museum, Tibidabo amusement park and the Magic Fountain of Montjuic.


Since Barcelona is such a large city, and a hot spot for tourism, there are many hotels to choose from. A key to travelling anytime is to book your hotel early. This will not only keep your spot to ensure you have a place for your family to stay, but should also give you the best rate. With a family in tow, it would be highly suggested to choose a central location for easy access to transit. There are wide varieties of hotels in Barcelona, from one or two stars all the way up to luxury hotels.

Tourist attractions

As previously mentioned, the Parc Güell would be an excellent place to visit with a family because of its outdoor environment and the intricacy of its architecture. Both children and adults alike will enjoy visiting this charming park. For the parents and older children, visiting La Sagrada Família would offer the intrigue of seeing an old basilica, up close and personal. Also, there are several sandy beaches in Barcelona that are clean and well maintained. Besides, who doesn’t love a good beach while on a vacation?


Barcelona has a variety of transportation methods available to tourists. Barcelona offers hop-on-hop-off buses, airport transfers, taxis, trains, boats, metro, cable cars and even horse drawn carriages for travel. Naturally, some of these are purely for sightseeing purposes and the experience, like the horse drawn carriages.

As for booking flights to Barcelona, it is recommended to get a direct flight, as the cheaper ones may not land in the Barcelona airport and you will end up spending a lot of time and money on the final transportation to Barcelona.

Barcelona offers a wide variety of things for a family to do, and if planned well, the trip can go flawlessly. For more information you can use while planning your family holiday to Barcelona, visit us at Barcelona Budget today.

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