Things to Do and Visit in Barcelona

Things to do in Barcelona - Football match at Camp Nou

If you are anything like today’s generation, then you probably have a case of wanderlust. What is wanderlust? It is the desire to roam the world and check out new and fascinating places. This desire creates a list that has been going on forever of places that you cannot wait to visit, take photos of and cross off your list. If this adequately describes you, then Barcelona is an absolute must.

Things to do in Barcelona - Football match at Camp Nou
Football match at Camp Nou. An unforgettable live experience!

Why Barcelona?

Barcelona is full of beautiful places worth visiting. This Spanish city is a world of discovery that is waiting for you and your loved ones to come and explore. Barcelona is a sunny temperate climate that is agreeable to most travelers year round. Here is a complete list of all the things to do in Barcelona.

       1.  La Sagrada Familia is one of the most stunning pieces of architecture in Barcelona with the unique style of Gaudi, a blend of Catalan Modernism, Gothic and Baroque. Visiting this amazing piece of structure, will take your breath away. The floor to ceiling scope emphasizes how truly wonderful this structure is. Its architectural detail is so ornate that it has been under construction for more than a hundred years and still is not complete, but it is well worth the visit.

       2.  Las Ramblas, Another must see in Barcelona is the 1.2 kilometer pedestrian mall. This place is loaded with shops, cafes, and diverse restaurants, so you definitely cannot miss this one. This is a busy place packed with tourists, so ensure you are keeping a close watch on your belongings.

       3.  The Museu Picasso. Picasso has obviously made a name for himself, so there is no need to explain how utterly breathtaking this museum is. With over 4,000 pieces of Picasso’s work, you cannot miss this sight.

       4.  The Liceu Theater is an opera house located on La Rambla; there are many plays that you can watch here and many of them won’t even break your budget.

       5.  A football match. Heading to a football match at the Camp Nou, the biggest football stadium in Europe is something to be experienced. There are many hot deals online for tickets to a football match for a fun filled evening that won’t break the bank.

       6.  Beaches. Barcelona resides on the shores of the Mediterranean Sea; a visit to any of the nine beaches will be calm and relaxing for those who do not want to stay on land. All the beaches have exceptional sports facilities, parking areas and restaurants.

       7.  Aquarium visit. Barcelona has a beautiful aquarium that you can stop by and visit. Checking out all of the local sea creatures could be a wonderful experience for you and your family, especially if you have kids that want to stay amused.

Barcelona is a beautiful place to spend your vacation; there is so many places to visit, and you can do it for an affordable cost. There is no doubt that you will be able to find the best possible deals on our website and have the most fun every day of your vacation!

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