Some Facts About Pablo Picasso - Learn More by Following His Steps in Barcelona

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When you visit Barcelona, you'll learn many facts about Pablo Picasso that you didn't already know. The artist always had a special place in his heart for the city, and Barcelona feels the same way about Picasso.

Not only will you have the opportunity to see Pablo Picasso paintings at the world famous Museu Picasso, but also you can tour areas where he spent his free time as a young man.

Facts about Pablo Picasso - Portrait of Picasoo, 1962

Portrait of Picasso, 1962

A Look at the Pablo Picasso Biography

Picasso was born October 25, 1881, in Malaga, Spain. His father was an art teacher named Jose Ruiz Blasco who was from a wealthy family from Malaga. Pablo began to paint at the tender age of eight. One of the interesting early facts about Pablo Picasso is that apparently by the time he was 13 years old, he had become far more skilled than his father.

Picasso and his family moved to Barcelona when he was 14. He was admitted to the prestigious School of Fine Arts. As enjoyable as this art education was, he found himself skipping school and roaming around the city. Later, at the age of 16, he moved to Madrid to attend the Academy of San Fernando. This school stressed classical techniques, which the artist found stifling.

Picasso moved back to Barcelona in 1898 and began spending time with a variety of intellectuals and artist. Many his days were spent at Els Quatre Gats, which was a cafe full of culture and politics. Picasso decided that he wanted to experiment and that he would break from the classical techniques he had learned. Pablo Picasso facts include that this way of thinking led to many of his later innovations, such as the Pablo Picasso Cubism.

Facts about Pablo Picasso - La Llotja School of Fine Arts, today is home of The Catalan Royal Academy of Fine Arts

La Llotja School of Fine Arts, today is home to The Catalan Royal Academy of Fine Arts

Personal Facts About Pablo Picasso

As far as Picasso's personal life goes, he had many different relationships with women including prostitutes. He married twice. His first wife was a ballerina, and they stayed together for nine years.

When he was 80, he married his second wife. Picasso had four children during his lifetime.

Facts about Pablo Picasso - Blue Period painting "La Vie", 1903

Blue Period painting "La Vie," 1903

The Pablo Picasso Blue Period

Historians have pinpointed some distinctive periods during Picasso's career. The Blue period is the first period that Picasso entered where he practiced a specific style of painting. The Pablo Picasso Blue Period lasted from 1901-1904. During this time, the work tended to be dominated by blue and green tones and more depressing themes.

Pablo Picasso facts that people often don't realize is that he was very depressed due to the suicide of his friend Carlos Casagemas during the Blue Period. There is a variety of Pablo Picasso works from this timeframe, and this list includes The Old Guitarist, La Vie, and Blue Nude.

Facts about Pablo Picasso - Synthetic Cubism work "Card Player", 1913

Synthetic Cubism work "Card Player," 1913

Pablo Picasso Cubism

Picasso is credited with founding Cubism, along with Georges Braque. As a result, he influenced countless artists. The earliest Cubist works were from the period known as "Analytic Cubism." Pablo Picasso artwork from this time includes Three Women and Girl with Mandolin.

The next stage of Pablo Picasso Cubism is labeled Synthetic Cubism. These Pablo Picasso paintings were made from tiny fragments and are considered the first collages. Works include Three Musicians and Card Player.

Facts about Pablo Picasso - Cafe Els Quatre Gats (Four Cats Cafe-Restaurant)

Cafe Els Quatre Gats (Four Cats Cafe-Restaurant)

The Legacy

While Picasso died on April 8, 1973, he continues to be celebrated as one of the greatest artists of all time. He lived until he was 91, and even in his older years, he did an impressive amount of work. One of the more intriguing Pablo Picasso facts is that he believed superstitiously that continuing to paint would keep him alive.

Picasso was able to reinvent himself over and over again. He also was able to master a wide range of different styles during his lifetime. He explained that the reason he used so many techniques was that his philosophy was that to do the best work on specific subjects, different methods of expression were necessary.

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Seeing Pablo Picasso Famous Paintings in Person

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