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Let us be your advisor not just to all things Barcelona, Spain, but also to fantastic savings. Our view is the more money we can help you save, the more you can explore all the fun and incredible things there are to do in this world-class city.

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The Barcelona Budget Advantage

Making the most out of your trip to Barcelona, Spain means having access to great information. Knowing that every traveler needs to be able to quickly and easily access information, Barcelona Budget was designed to be grouped in logical sections that are intuitive, easy to use and clear.

Our approach to travel information organization means that whether you want to see Barcelona on your own and at your own pace, or want to find the best guided tour or guided Barcelona attractions and activities, we can help. Just visit the “Book & Go” section on the menu to see firsthand just how easy and accessible we’ve made the Barcelona experience.

The Industry’s Best Tips and Tricks

Our Barcelona travel guide was designed from the ground up to give you the kind of insider information you need to get the most out of Barcelona in every way you can imagine from travel to accommodations. Whether you are a first time visitor to Barcelona or a seasoned traveler returning once more, we have a wealth of information to offer to you.

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Visiting Barcelona, Spain on a Budget? No Problem

You name it... Barcelona Budget has you covered. Need help buying tickets? Need help with finding the best restaurant in Barcelona? How about the perfect tour or maybe that perfect deal on a rent car? Looking for insider secrets? No matter what you need to make your trip to Barcelona, Spain easier and more enjoyable, you’ll find it here!

We created Barcelona Budget for one simple reason: there wasn’t enough quality, accurate and useful information in one place about Barcelona sightseeing and Barcelona attractions. Our goal is to give you the kind of valuable insider information on every Barcelona activity under the sun, and we’ll save you money at the same time. We know secrets that other guides wish they knew or flat out refuse to tell you!

Barcelona, located in the Catalonia region, is the second largest city in the ancient country of Spain and is a major cultural and economic hub. Featuring a deep, varied and fascinating history Barcelona, Spain receives millions of visitors each and every year. You’ll be able to enjoy all this city has to offer regardless of your budget.

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The Top 10 Ways We Will Transform Your Barcelona, Spain Vacation Experience

  1. Find amazing ticket deals on everything from concerts and sports to Flamenco, Cabaret and more.
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  8. Our frequently updated Top Budget Offers in the "Special Offers" section gives you even more Barcelona, Spain travel options!
  9. Barcelona Budget is constantly updated with accurate, interesting and helpful travel information.
  10. This site is the result of years of exhaustive, hands on experience and research. Our goal is nothing less than helping people transform their Barcelona experience.
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What Can You Do With All the Information We Provide?

- Easily and strategically plan your visit so that you save more and get more!
- Our accurate and detailed info means that you can book in confidence knowing that you are definitely saving both time and money on all your Barcelona, Spain adventures.
- We will give you up-to-date information about all things the city offers
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- We are constantly on the look out for the latest information on free attractions and museum offerings (and there are more than you might think!)
- Easily find everything you’re looking for in a flash.

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Our Barcelona Budget Travel Guide

Whether you're traveling for business or pleasure, or have a tiny budget, we’ll provide comprehensive, insider tips. Barcelona is a truly remarkable city. The truth is that with the right information, you can have a unique and amazing experience on any budget.

We cover all the necessary information you need to know about traveling to and enjoying Barcelona, Spain. Since our guide is highly comprehensive, you’ll be able to plan your visit in the most cost-saving manner possible.

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