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Visit the Joan Miro gallery in Barcelona, better known as the Fundacio Joan Miro, and you will quickly be impressed by the varied nature of his work. Spain has produced an amazing number of incredible and talented artists, but even on this impressive list, the name of Joan Miro stands out.

Joan Miro Gallery - Miro Foundation in Montjuic

The Miro Foundation on Montjuic hill

Fundació Joan Miro - The Ultimate Joan Miro Gallery Experience

Considered to be the “world’s most complete collection of works by Joan Miro” the Fundació Joan Miro is a museum of modern art dedicated to the works of Joan Miro and houses Joan Miro paintings, prints, lithographs, and sculptures. The setting for the Fundació Joan Miro is a really impressive on as the building is located on Montjuic hill and has fully panoramic views of Barcelona, which, of course, only adds to the beauty and richness of the experience.

The Fundació Joan Miro was established in 1975 and has grown considerably since its inception. Now the museum holds thousands of items related to Joan Miro. If you want the ultimate Joan Miro museum experience, consider opting for the free guided tour. All first Sunday of every month, the Fundació Joan Miro has a free guided tour in English of the building, including Joan Miro permanent collection. This tour is included in the entrance fee, and there are other daily sightseeing tours as well.

Many of the artworks in the Fundació Joan Miro were donated by Joan Miro and include works from throughout his life and career. These works include Street Pedralbes (1917), Hermitage of San Juan Huerta (1917), Flame in Space and Naked Woman (1932), Barcelona Series (1944), Catalan peasant by moonlight (1968) and many others.

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Joan Miro Gallery - Dona i Ocell (Woman and Bird) at Joan Miro Parc, Barcelona

Dona i Ocell (Woman and Bird) at Joan Miro Parc, Barcelona

The Styles of Joan Miro

Like most great artists, Miro had many different styles and periods which one is quick to discover visiting the Joan Miro museum in Barcelona. Experts generally agree that Miro developed a distinctive style around 1920 with such Joan Miro famous paintings as Nude with a Mirror (1919) and The Farm (1921-22). His work during this period has been coined “magical realism” and was followed by his first explorations of surrealism, such as Pastoral (1923-24).

What other kinds of works might you see at the Miro museum? Miro is known for producing a broad range of works, for example, he created well over 250 illustrated books. In 1974, Miro created an impressive tapestry specifically for the World Trade Center in NYC. Unfortunately, this work was lost on September 11th.

Some of the more notable Joan Miro sculpture includes The Sun, The Moon and One Star, which was renamed, Miro Chicago. It is located in downtown Chicago.

Those looking to see Miro’s work in Joan Miro museum type setting will feel as though they have come to the right place when visiting Barcelona. Barcelona city, Miro’s birthplace, is home to the Joan Miro Foundation, which is located on Montjuic hill.

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Joan Miro Gallery - Miro mosaic in Las Ramblas (Pla de l'Os)

Miro mosaic in Las Ramblas (Pla de l'Os)

The Best Miro Artworks at the Joan Miro Museum

Whether you are interested in seeing a Joan Miro lithograph, sculpture, paintings or learning more about Joan Miro’s biography, the Fundació Joan Miro, complete with its guided tour and incredible setting is the place to go.

Barcelona is rich in treats for both the eyes and the soul, and a trip to the Miro museum is, just stated, a treat for both. The impressive nature of the museum, combined with its focus on one of Spain’s most loved artists, make a visit to the Miro Foundation the ultimate Joan Miro gallery experience.

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Joan Miro Gallery - Free exhibition of Joan Miro works at a Barcelona metro station

Free exhibition of Joan Miro works at a Barcelona metro station

Joan Miro Biography: An Overview

Joan Miro was born in Barcelona, Catalonia, Spain on April 20, 1893, Miro is now considered one of most influential painters, sculptors, and ceramicists of the 20th Century. Tourists to Barcelona will no doubt be stunned by the impressive and varied nature of his collective works.

By 1907, Miro enrolled at the fine art academy at La Llotja, and by 1918 he had his first solo show. Miro was influenced by the work of Vincent Van Gogh, Paul Cezanne, and Cubism and its pioneers such as Pablo Picasso. By 1924, Miro was part of a Surrealist group as well.

Like many Spanish artists and intellectuals, the Spanish Civil War had a significant impact on his life, and he was no longer able to visit his home in Spain. World War II likewise ensured that Miro was to stay abroad.

Learn more about Joan Miro biography.

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