A Guide to Learning Spanish Abroad - Why not in Barcelona?

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Learning Spanish abroad is quite a fantastic opportunity, and many people don't realize just how different it can be from traditional learning experiences. It is a far cry from just sitting in a boring, dull classroom. When you are learning Spanish in Barcelona, for example, you will be able to actively enjoy an immersive environment where everyone is speaking the language.

Learning Spanish Abroad - Partial view of Don Quijote school in Barcelona

Partial view of Don Quijote school in Barcelona

Why Learn to Speak Spanish?

There are a wide variety of reasons to add learning to speak Spanish to your list of things to accomplish in life. First of all, knowing the language gives you access to talk with much more people around the world. Spanish is the native language of people in Spain as well as Latin America, the United States, Mexico, Africa, Asia and many other countries as well.

According to estimates, more than 400 million people around the world are native Spanish speakers. That means that they were raised with the language so learning Spanish abroad was never an issue. Once you have your education, you will have the ability to converse with all of these people and learn about their cultures. Remember that Spanish is the second most widely spoken native language, after only Mandarin!

Further, if you live in the United States, the number of people who speak Spanish is growing at a rapid pace. More than 12% of people in the US speak Spanish in the home. Statistics say that there are now 50 million Spanish speakers in the country. This makes it only second to Mexico regarding how many in the country speak the language.

Additionally, about 60 million people have decided that learning to speak Spanish as a second language was a worthwhile pursuit. Many of them have opted for learning abroad, traveling to places like Argentina, Peru, Madrid or Barcelona to get their education.

Learning Spanish Abroad - Learning Spanish in Barcelona

Learning Spanish in Barcelona

Learning Spanish in Barcelona

If you are interested in learning Spanish in Spain, Barcelona is a great place to select for your studies. You can find an almost unlimited amount of things to do in the city. You can practice your Spanish while doing a wide variety of activities including going to famous museums, shopping, dining in delicious restaurants, enjoying fabulous beaches, and seeing historic architecture.

You don't have to "break the bank" to enjoy all of these activities either. There are easy ways to save money. For example, if you choose the Barcelona Card, you will be able to get discounts on top attractions throughout the city.

You will also be able to take unlimited public transportation for free. We can even get you additional savings on the price of the card!

Plus, if you are planning to learn Spanish abroad, why not do it somewhere with a fantastic weather? Barcelona has seemingly endless sunny days, and the temperatures are quite mild, even in the winter. You can lie on a beautiful beach studying while you are surrounded by mountains and clear blue water.

Learning Spanish Abroad - Facilities at Don Quijote school in Barcelona

Facilities at Don Quijote school in Barcelona

A Great School for Learning Spanish Abroad

We recommend don Quijote as the ideal facility for learning Spanish in Spain. This school has modern air-conditioned classrooms and spacious lounge areas where you can socialize with other students. You can enjoy immersion programs or just courses on getting ready for an exam, such as the DELE. They also offer a money back guarantee to anyone who isn't satisfied!

At this school, it is possible to enjoy your experience learning Spanish in Spain by participating in an activity while you learn. For example, don Quijote offers cooking classes in Barcelona where you can practice talking while preparing authentic foods like paella and drinks like sangria.

You will also benefit from small class sizes, as this school has a maximum of eight people per class. This means that you can get more one on one time with the teachers. Also, the Spanish language course will tend to move as quickly or slowly as the students need it to. Further, don Quijote only employs native Spanish speakers who also have a university degree.

So you can benefit from learning from the professionals. The school in Barcelona is conveniently placed right in the L'Eixample district, which also makes it the ideal place for study Spanish abroad due to the easy travel and ample sightseeing.

Learning Spanish in Barcelona at Don Quijote School

Learning Spanish in Barcelona at Don Quijote School

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A Completely Immersive Environment

How long does it take to learn Spanish? While you are learning Spanish in Barcelona, you can practice each and every day. Whether you are ordering food in a restaurant or talking to someone on the street, you'll have ample opportunities to practice your Spanish.

You will also be able to continually hear how words are spoken so that you can try to get your accent right. Sometimes it can be challenging to pick up an accent when you are not around native speakers.