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There is a wide array of Pablo Picasso pictures, which were drawn with a variety of mediums including pastel, pencil and Indian ink, though many art lovers around the world that are acquainted with Pablo Picasso paintings don't realize that fact.

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Pablo Picasso Pictures - Man and Woman, 1902

Man and Woman, 1902

Pablo Picasso Pictures at the Picasso Museum

If you visit the Picasso Museum in Barcelona, you will have the opportunity to see many of these Pablo Picasso works. The museum specializes in presenting earlier Picasso art works up to and including the Blue Period.

When you hear the word "Picasso," an artist holding a paintbrush might immediately come to your mind. However, Picasso also had an interest and appreciation for drawings all of his life. Here's one of the more interesting facts about Pablo Picasso that you might not know unless you are already very familiar with Pablo Picasso biography details.

According to Picasso's mother Maria Picasso Lopez, his first words were "cil cil", as he asked for a pencil. This was just the beginning of the artist's love for drawing.

Pablo Picasso Pictures - Seated Nude and Standing Nude, 1906

Seated Nude and Standing Nude, 1906

Facts about Pablo Picasso and the Barcelona Museum

Even though he lived in France for most of his life, he returned to Barcelona time and time again. Picasso lived in the city during his crucial formative years and always held a special place in his heart for Barcelona city. This is perhaps why he decided to help launch the first Picasso museum right in Barcelona.

In 1960, Picasso proposed the idea of a museum to his friend Jaume Sabartes. Just three years later, this gorgeous museum opened in the old city, near the Gothic Quarter and displayed Picasso pictures, paintings, sculptures and more.

The museum was initially called the Sabartes Collection. When the museum first opened it was predominantly Sabartes' personal collection and some Pablo Picasso art works donated by the artist himself.

Picasso's political opposition to the regime that was in power at the time also prevented him from having a museum in his name. Of course, now everyone knows the Museu Picasso or the Picasso Museum.

Pablo Picasso Pictures - Fruit Vase and Brunch of Grapes, 1914

Fruit Vase and Brunch of Grapes, 1914

An Overview of Picasso Pictures

Throughout the artist's career, you can see many examples of fantastic Picasso pictures that incorporate a variety of styles. Some of his most famous include Man and Woman (1902), Summer landscape from 1902 and Head and Woman (1907), Woman in White (1923), Man and woman in cafe (study) (1903). Also, Two Roosters (1905), Seated Nude and Standing Nude (1906), Two Naked Women (1906), and Fruit Vase and Bunch of Grapes (1914).

Later examples of Picasso pictures include Man with Lamb, Man Eating Watermelon and Flutist (1967), and two black and white Portrait of Sylvette David works (1954).

Pablo Picasso Pictures - Man with Lamb, Man Eating Watermelon and Flutist, 1967

Man with Lamb, Man Eating Watermelon and Flutist, 1967

Special Exhibitions at the Picasso Museum Reveal Picasso Pictures

The Picasso Museum regularly stages special exhibitions to highlight different areas of Picasso artwork and educate visitors about Pablo Picasso biography details. Several exhibits at the museum have focused heavily on Picasso pictures.

For example, in 2006, the museum presented an exhibition called "Picasso's Passion for Drawing." This exhibit displayed Picasso drawings from 1984-1972 and revealed the origins for some of his most famous works.

The 2013 exhibit "Yo Picasso" focused on the artist's fantastic array of Picasso self-portraits. Some of these were drawings that were even caricatures that incorporated irony and humor. Examples of these Picasso pictures are Picasso par Lui meme and Portrait of the Artist. In total, this exhibit included 37 drawings.

Pablo Picasso Pictures - Pablo Picasso Self Portrait, 1972

Pablo Picasso Self Portrait, 1972

Visiting the Picasso Museum

Picasso once said, "When I was twelve I could draw like Rafael, but it has taken me my whole life to learn to paint like a child." Clearly, one of his goals was to develop different types of art works.

No matter whether your interest lies in Picasso pictures, paintings, drawings or lithographs, you will enjoy a tremendous experience by visiting the Picasso Museum. Many visitors say that this attraction was the best part of their trip to Barcelona!

In addition to the exhibitions at the museum, the building is really an attraction in and of itself. The Picasso Museum indeed offers up some of the most beautiful architecture in La Ribera-El Born (near the Gothic Quarter). It is located in 5 different buildings that date back to the 13th century.