An Overview of Pablo Picasso Sculptures

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This article provides an overview of Pablo Picasso sculptures. Many people get so swayed by the Pablo Picasso paintings, that they forget that there are notable sculptures as well. In fact, there are 664 pieces cataloged, which were created between 1902-1971. Three-dimensional Pablo Picasso works are incredibly influential throughout the art world.

Picasso is undoubtedly a genius in various mediums, and his work consistently showcases what a sculpture can become. When you visit Barcelona, if you visit the Pablo Picasso art gallery, you will be happy to find sculptures displayed alongside the Picasso paintings.

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Find Pablo Picasso Sculptures at the Picasso Museum

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Pablo Picasso Sculptures - Baboon and Young, 1951

Baboon and Young, 1951

Picasso Sculptures Were Transformational

Before Picasso's innovations, a sculpture was created in a few different ways in the western world. There were far fewer varieties of sculpture than what we see today. Typically, either stone or wood was carved into a sculpture. The second popular way of making a sculpture was that clay was modeled and shaped, and then it was cast into a durable material.

Together with Georges Braque, Picasso founded Cubism in about 1909. During his Cubist period, he had contact with surrealists artists and was truly inspired. He was also influenced by sculpture in Africa and how it was different than what he had seen in the western world.

When it comes to Pablo Picasso artworks, the artist decided to think way out of the box and put together types of sculptures that had rarely been seen. For example, his work from 1928 called Wire Construction had a geometric compilation of thin wires. He also tried his hand at welding.

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Pablo Picasso Sculptures - Bull's Head, 1943

Bull's Head, 1943

Engaging Picasso Sculptures

Later, during World War II, Picasso continued to create intriguing sculptures. Some were even whimsical in nature. For example, in his work Head of a Bull, he shapes a bicycle seat and handlebars into the bull's head.

Guitar was another one of the Picasso sculptures where the artist came up with something entirely new. A cubist piece was created out of materials like wire and sheet metal. He also used regular objects like cardboard and string into his sculpture. Collage and construction later became an essential form of art in the 20th century and beyond.

As far as the themes in Picasso sculptures, the artist worked in a wide variety including heads, musical instruments, and animals. Other famous sculptures include Baboon and Young, Centaur and Head.

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Pablo Picasso Sculptures - The Chicago Picasso Monument, 1966

The Chicago Picasso Monument, 1966

The Picasso Museum in Barcelona

Today, you can see Picasso sculptures around the world, and they are always treasured by their owners. For example, one work called "The Picasso" as a gift to Chicago from Picasso and is in the front of the Civic Center. It is a landmark in the city and is 50 feet tall. However, when you are in Barcelona, don't miss the Pablo Picasso gallery.

This Picasso Museum focuses primarily on his earlier works. There are over 4000 pieces of art in the permanent collection. One thing you will see a great deal of is very accurate renderings of casts of ancient sculptures. It will surely enlighten you about the artist's most formative years. You will also see the bronze sculpture Woman's Head.

Also in 1984, the museum acquired 12 Pablo Picasso lithographs that were created in 1949. Lithographs in the collection include the Bull, Franciose, White Pigeon on Black Background, The Banderillas and many others. This Pablo Picasso gallery also has an intriguing series called Las Meninas, and an extensive print collection.

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Pablo Picasso Sculptures - Head of a Woman (Fernande), bronze, 1909

Head of a Woman (Fernande), bronze, 1909

Pablo Picasso Lithographs

One of his most famous Pablo Picasso lithographs was from 1945 and is called "Bull." This is an intriguing series on how to develop a piece of art from an academic point of view to one that is entirely abstract.

The plates showcase various successive stages. In the very last lithograph, you can only see a few primary lines as well as shapes that make up the form of the Bull.

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