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The Salvador Dali art gallery, better known as Salvador Dalí Museum, is located in the town of Figueres, near Barcelona. This museum is different from anyplace you've ever visited. The Dali art museum also hosts the largest collection of works by Salvador Dali. After seeing this attraction, you will understand that this artist was a real genius and the extent of his work was rather staggering.

Salvador Dali Art Gallery - Venus de Milo with Drawers, bronze sculpture, 1964

Venus de Milo with Drawers, bronze sculpture, 1964

What Can You See at the Salvador Dali Art Gallery?

Many people are familiar with Dali's paintings, such as The Persistence of Memory, but have no idea that his work goes far beyond just the two-dimensional. At the Figueres museum, you will find everything from Salvador Dali sculptures to exclusive Salvador Dali jewelry. You will leave this attraction with a far deeper understanding of Dali and the wide variety of art he created.

Plus, the museum itself is considered to be a piece of art. It is widely referred to as “the largest surrealist object in the world!” Dali put lots of time and energy into creating this attraction, which opened to the public in September 1974. Inside the museum, you can even find the artist's crypt.

He chose Figueres for the museum's location because it was his hometown. When it first opened, thousands of people celebrated in the streets. Dali sought to make the opening the landmark art event of the decade.

Incidentally, if you are ever in St. Petersburg, Florida, you can see a Salvador Dali museum with the largest collection of his work that is located outside of Europe.

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Salvador Dali Art Gallery - The Tree of Life Necklace, made of gold, saphires and diamonds, 1949

The Tree of Life Necklace, made of gold, sapphires and diamonds, 1949

Seeing The Salvador Dali Jewelry Exhibit

After seeing the Salvador Dali Museum in Figueres, be sure to see the separate collection of the jewelry that he created. While many artists overlook jewelry design, it fit right into Salvador Dali's philosophy. He was inspired by architecture, math, physics and even nuclear science. It is more than likely that this will be some of the most memorable jewelry that you have ever seen!

You will have the opportunity to view 39 works that were created between 1941 and 1970. Some even share names with other works of Salvador Dali. For example, there is a piece of jewelry from 1949 called The Persistence of Memory. Another example of Salvador Dali jewelry that you will likely be unable to forget is the Royal Heart, which moves (thanks to a proximity sensor) and looks just like a real beating heart. This mesmerizing piece is made from precious stones and gold.

In addition to Salvador Dali jewelry, there is an impressive collection of sculpture at the museum in Figueres including Mae West Lips Sofa, and Queen Esther. Impressive Salvador Dali sculptures are also scattered across the globe in locations ranging from Florida and Singapore to London and France. These works of Salvador Dali are often located in public spaces, such as parks so that they can be appreciated by all.

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We know that most travelers absolutely love the Salvador Dali art gallery, but often they have a hard time making the journey from Barcelona to Figueres. This applies particularly to those who don't opt to rent a car and instead use public transportation during their stay.

As a result, we offer an affordable one-day trip that will take you from Barcelona to the Salvador Dali Museum. Further, you will get free admission and skip waiting in any lines.

Along with your visit to Figueres, you can choose for your one day trip to go one of two other places. One of our budget tours will take you to Girona, and the other to Cadaques, where you can see Dali's beach house in all of its surrealistic glory.

Plus, both tours will offer you free admission to the Salvador Dali Museum, and you will be able to skip the lines! Don't miss these amazing day trips. If you are already in Barcelona, Figueres and the Dali museum is just a short drive away.