An Overview of Salvador Dali Art Work

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Salvador Dali art work is not easily categorized, and yet represents some of the most recognizable images in popular culture. One of the most prominent exponents of the Surrealist style, Dali’s pioneering exploration of creativity spilled over into many different art forms, including painting, sculpture, jewelry, photography, installation, holography, writing, performance, and film.

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The Dali Museum and Nearby Attractions

We offer some one-day tours that will take you to the Salvador Dali Museum in Figueres and also to his house in Cadaques, along with nearby attractions such as Girona or the Costa Brava.

One of these fascinating tours goes to Girona and Dali Museum in Figueres, and the other one goes to Cadaques and Dali Museum in Figueres. Admission to the museum is included in both tours. You will be overwhelmed by the amazing Salvador Dali artwork that you'll see.

Another possibility is to choose one of the following tours to the area, including private tours to the Dali Museum in Figueres:

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Salvador Dali Art Work - Face of Mae West seen through the lens

Face of Mae West seen through the lens

Visit “The Largest Surrealist Object in the World”

One of the best places to view the extensive body of Salvador Dali artwork is in his hometown in Figueres, Spain. Just a short drive from Barcelona, the Dali Theater-Museum in Figueres is a Salvador Dali art gallery that houses the most comprehensive collection of Dali's art in the world.

The Dali Theater-Museum, described as “the largest surrealist object in the world,” is home to over 1500 works of art. The collection includes Salvador Dali paintings, sculptures, jewelry, installations, and drawings, as well as some works by other artists.

An excellent example of a surrealist environment created by Dali is the installation, Face of Mae West, which can be used as an apartment. The room is framed by Mae West’s hair. Two paintings that hang on the back wall depict the actress' eyes. There is furniture in the shape of her nose, and one of the most famous Salvador Dali sculptures, the Mae West Lips Sofa, is at the center of the room.

From the entryway, the viewer sees both a room and a portrait image produced by an optical lens in front of the decoration. There is a standing point that is easily reached by the stairs. Just look through the lens, and you can see the fantastic "portrait" of Mae West!

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Ruby Lips with Pearls, amazing Salvador Dali art work, 1949

Ruby Lips with Pearls, amazing Salvador Dali artwork, 1949

See the Dali Jewelry

Also on permanent display at the Dali Museum is a fascinating collection of Salvador Dali jewelry. The works in this collection bear the unique imprint of Dali's surrealist style.

A mouth made out of rubies and pearls, an eye made out of diamonds with a clock for an iris, and a heart whose ruby center beats like a real heart, are just some examples of Dali’s eccentric visions interpreted in this medium.

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Salvador Dali Art Work - Portrait of My Dead Brother, 1963

Portrait of My Dead Brother, 1963

A Life Marked With Tragedy

Dali was born in 1904 in the town of Figueres in Catalonia, Spain. His early life was marked by tragedy that profoundly influenced his personal and artistic development. He had a brother who died nine months before he was born, and his parents convinced him that he was the reincarnation of his brother.

When Dali was 59 years old, he painted a piece entitled “Portrait of My Dead Brother,” reflecting the connection Dali had to his deceased brother throughout his life.

At age 16 Dali lost his mother to breast cancer. Dali was very close to his mother, who had been supportive of his artistic pursuits from a very young age. Nonetheless, he later exhibited a controversial piece depicting Jesus with an inscription that read, “Sometimes I spit on a portrait of my mother.”

Salvador Dali Art Work - Portrait of Alice Cooper's Brain (cylindric hologram), 1973

Portrait of Alice Cooper's Brain (cylindric hologram), 1973

Dali's Artistic Influences

Typical of surrealism's delight in the outrageous and out of place, this is just one of many attention-grabbing antics that Dali became known for throughout his life.

Dali’s artistic influences were incredibly diverse, ranging from modern artists like Gaudi, Miro, Picasso and the Surrealists, to classical artists like Vermeer, Raphael, and Velasquez. He also took inspiration from the ideas of his time, including Freudian psychology, relativity, and quantum mechanics.

These themes are reflected in much Salvador Dali artwork, which explores the subconscious and changing perceptions of the physical world.

Salvador Dali Art Work - House-Museum at Portlligat, Cadaques (Costa Brava)

House-Museum at Portlligat, Cadaques (Costa Brava)

Other Dali Art Sites in Spain

Take a short drive through the countryside, and you can visit the Salvador Dali House-Museum in Portlligat. This home in Cadaques was Dali's primary residence from 1930 to 1982, where some of the most important Salvador Dali artwork was created.

Here you can view the intimate details of Dali's life, including Gala's and Dali's bedroom and Dali's art studios. There are some intriguing touches, such as collections of books, cubbyholes, winding stairways and gardens with strange art installations of Salvador Dali artwork.

Another short drive will bring Dali fans to another Salvador Dali home, the House-Museum Gala Dali Castle in Pubol. Visitors can tour the medieval castle and see Dali’s final home and workplace, where he paid homage to his wife and lifelong muse after her death in 1982.