Controversy Over the Salvador Dali Signature

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The Salvador Dali signature managed to create its own degree of controversies, even though he was definitely one of the history’s most fascinating artists. The works of Salvador Dali are some of the best-known pieces of art of all time. It is consequently no surprise that there are an array of forgeries and fakes floating around the world. In fact, it is believed that there are literally thousands of limited edition art prints that bear his signature and are nothing more than forgeries!

Salvador Dali Signature - Experts use a catalog of Dali's signatures to verify authenticity of his artworks

Signature examples of Dali. Experts use a catalog of Dali's signatures to verify authenticity of his artworks

Confusion About Salvador Dali Signature

How did this all of this confusion and chaos regarding the Dali signature begin in the first place? What did Salvador Dali do? Dali played a huge role in the scandal. At one point, he signed thousands of blank pages for $40 each so that they could be produced as prints. With those many signatures floating around, it is no real shock that forgeries emerged. Dali stopped this practice in 1980, but by then there were many signature examples to be used.

Part of the problem is that the usual practice for limited edition prints is to make the prints and then later sign all of them once they have gone through the press and have been authenticated. Dali departed from the traditional way of producing signed prints so that he could make money faster.

How do you know if the Dali artwork you are going to buy is genuine or fake? The answer should be given by experts. Some specialized companies can perform a Dali's signature authentication and give you the right advice. Also, the Salvador Dali Theatre-Museum in Figueres offers this service to determine authorship of Dali artworks.

Salvador Dali Signature - Example artwork with two genuine signatures

Example artwork with two genuine signatures

The Dali Signature Leads to a Staggering Amount of Money

The amount of money that Dali made through this approach was indeed impressive. In the 1960's, Dali discovered that he could make $40 for just signing his name on a piece of paper. After perfecting his signature that only took a mere 2 seconds, Dali was able to earn a staggering $72,000 per hour (and that is in 1960's dollars)!

In short, his signature was a path to riches. So just how many signatures did Dali produce? There is no way of knowing for sure, but some experts have stated that the number could be over 300,000!

Experts have concluded that there may be between $625 million in prints of Salvador Dali paintings sold just in the United States alone. The global total for fake prints could be as high as $1 billion.

If you want to learn more about Salvador Dali facts, read the section "Salvador Dali Biography." Also, to find more information about his prints, read the section dedicated to "Salvador Dali Prints."

Salvador Dali Signature - Example of Dali's signature in jewels

Example of Dali's signature in jewels

Salvador Dali Perfume - Eau de Dali, Dalistyle and Daliflor

In 1983, Dali produced his own Salvador Dali perfume, which he dedicated to his wife. He had sketched a beautiful perfume bottle, and this led to the actual creation of a perfume.

One of the Salvador Dali paintings titled Apparition of the Face of Aphrodite of Knidos served as the inspiration for the bottle for Eau de Dali.

The scent blends various jasmine properties. In addition to Eau de Dali, Salvador Dali created two other perfumes as well: Dalistyle and Daliflor.

Salvador Dali Signature - Don Quixote artwork with two genuine signatures

Don Quixote etching with two genuine signatures

Dali was an Artist Who Knew How to Make a Profit

Dali was an incredible self-promoter and found innovative ways to translate his fame and success into monetary gain. History shows that not every artist can marry their artistic vision with a business model and eventual financial success.

Dali, however, was no such artist and was often able to find ways to find the funds that he needed. In a sense, Dali’s innovation in the art world was mirrored by his creativity elsewhere. His approach towards his own signature and the development of perfumes are excellent examples of how Dali transcended what many people felt an artist was, could be and could do.

There can be no doubt that Dali was an innovator. Whether we are looking to Salvador Dali paintings, Salvador Dali jewelry or his perfume, we see great creativity in everything that Dali touched. As it turns out, Dali may have produced more copies of his signature than any other artist who ever lived. In this fashion, Dali figured out yet another way to be different, stand out and change the game.

Salvador Dali Signature - Example of artwork with two genuine signatures, but using other styles

Example of artwork with two genuine signatures, but using different styles

Understanding More about the Works of Salvador Dali

When you visit the Dali museum in Figueres, you will learn a great deal about Dali the man and also his work. Not only will you see Salvador Dali paintings, but you will also have a chance to see gorgeous Salvador Dali jewelry in all of its glory.

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